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POINTS TO PLAY is a meeting of dance and body care disciplines, which will be held for the first time in the summer of 2022 in Mulhouse, France from August 27 to 30. This is organized by Puntos de Partida; The Tac Tiq Collective Cultural Association in collaboration with MAD. 


It is a meeting that promotes didactics of body awareness, creative stimulation, contemporary dance and body care techniques. In addition, it seeks to be an important meeting point for lovers of movement and alternative therapies from France, Germany and Switzerland. Is a comprehensive training program, which offers 3 different programs: intense, soft and kids. All in favor of pedagogical progression and knowledge that arises from the body, the learning process and its possibilities.



27.08 - 30.08      2022


18 - 65 YEARS OLD

this program is for all those who wish to go deepen in their physical practice through technical, theoretical and subtle knowledge. recommended profile: professional or amateur dancers or athletes with a regular practice.

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Graduated from the University Amsterdamse Homeschool voor de Kunsten (Netherlands) in modern dance-theater in 2014, she has worked as a dancer and performer with renowned choreographers/companies such as: Guy Nader|Maria Campos, Anton Lachky, HURyCAN Vero Cendoya, Emi Miyoshi, Colectivo CLA, Los INnato, Angels Margarit, Quan Bui Ngnoc (Ballet B de la C), Liat T Waysbort among others.

She is currently co-director of VAYA Art of Human Movement, based in Freiburg, Germany.



In this workshop we work on movement material, using the spiral as a basic principle of organic movement; to achieve a comprehension of the physical movement on various levels (especially on the floor) and the spatial connections, as well as the motor of the movement and nuances/textures of movement. 


We use principles of locomotion on hand and feet positions, and rolling motion advancing in space, evolving little by little towards more complex movement languages (transitions on hands, elbows, head and shoulders, generating suspensions of the body). The movement material challenges coordination and agility by consciously using the space, the muscle tonicity and the understanding of the body’s weight in connection with gravity.

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Graduated from Taller Nacional de Danza - Conservatorio El Barco in Costa Rica in 20019 and certified personal trainer since 2013. He is the founder of the collectives Los INnato and VAYA Art of Human Movement as well as the festivals La Machine in Costa Rica and Nómada in El Salvador.


He has participated in numerous projects as a dancer and choreographer (National Dance Company of Costa Rica, National Company of El Salvador, ADN Dialect in Switzerland, Núcleo Viladanca in Brazil, among others).


He has been awarded various prizes such as the National Dance Award of Costa Rica in the category of Best Dancer of the Year in 2011. Raul has been invited to teach in many institutions and festivals such as Deltebre Danza, Corpo(a)Tera, the Conservatory of Dance of Burgos in Spain, the University of Veracuz in Mexico, the University of Costa Rica, among others. Currently, he continues to develop his exploration of movement through dance and martial arts.



The Class ‘Connect - Play - Challenge’ is an invitation to try out, train, play and challenge yourself through movement. We will work with specific movement material, as well as exercises and training sequences to improve the relation to the floor and the body awereness in a floorwork context. Inspired by martial arts and the material can be described as raw, with basic acrobatic elements, challenging speed, coordination and spatial orientation.

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Simea Cavelti was born in Switzerland and received a Bachelor degree from the London Contemporary Dance School 'The Place' in 2014. The following 3 years she worked in Lebanon, Jordan and Morocco in various collaborative projects. As a freelance dancer she worked across Europe with diverse choreographers and directors such as Fabrice Mazliah, Renate Graziadei, Joshua Monten, Omar Ghayatt, Maria Ursprung, Declan Whitaker (The Field) and Simon McBurney.


She has created various short pieces for the stage as well as other spaces (galleries, museums and outdoor spaces) over the past years and showed her work in diverse theatres and festivals in Switzerland, the UK and Italy.


In her work movement is the engine for metaphors and the body becomes the primary landscape where divergent lines of encounters, memories and experiences intersect. A sense of belonging and being human grows from the inside out.



In this workshop we are exploring a wide range of physicality through multiple modes of listening; sensorial, imaginary, acoustically, physically and emotionally. We dive into a collective and simultaneously individual journey to tune our instrument, the body. Our drive will be our personal curiosities and sense of pleasure for movement. An aim of this workshop is to become more conscious of our movement habits in order to deconstruct them and discover new possibilities to create a personal virtuosity. We will compose and structure time and space according to specific tasks both individual and collectively.




Cécile trained with different teachers in the Grand Est region. Interested in various disciplines, she privileged in her curriculum the work around the modern'jazz. It is during several trips to New York, the cradle of jazz, that she deepens her knowledge and the reason why she decided right after to join the renowned dance school EPSEDANSE (Anne-Marie Porras, Montpellier).

She quickly understands that teaching is a passion for her and gets enrolled  at CEFEDEM in Nantes from which she graduated.

Making her dance approach powerful, fluid and rhythmic, she always teaches advocating values of pleasure, sensation and free exploration.



Created to serve the progressive rhythm of Points To Play, the workshop entitled "restorative choreography", will allow dancers to finish the day in a soft and soothing way. Cycles of breathing and stretching, all in movement and continuity, as a choreography, will allow a physical and mental recuperation making the participants ready for the next day.

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Director of the Collective Tac tiq, she is a dancer, choreographer, yoga and partnering teacher and coordinator of social and community projects through arts and culture. Born in 1986 in Mulhouse, France, she has been living and working in Spain for the past 6 years. She gravitates professionally between Europe and Latin America, working in different artistic and community projects.

Since 2019 she collaborates with the company Puntos de Partida (Mexico), with the show Las memorias de MEMO, the workshop Partner IN MIND and the show L280. She has participated as a performer in the Cia White Summer(Pals), the project Espacio del Verbo of the Cia Parajo mosca (MX) and the show Noves Singularidades of the choreographer Luiz Fernando Bongiovanni Martins (Brazil).



The sequence is designed to greatly increase the physical power of the dancer by: 

  • developing alignment and extension of the body

  • improving body posture

  • preventing the body from injuries

  • providing a high flow of circulation

  • achieving greater expressive freedom. 

Dynamic Hatha yoga combines conscious breathing, fluidity and stillness, physical and energetic alignment, the whole with  a focused mind.



The didactics of this workshop are focused on studying the movement through exercises, which allow us to recognize different body configurations to play and execute floorwork and partnering in a conscious way. It is a workshop for testing, making mistakes and getting technical improvements, through the different stages. We will start on the floor with body awareness exercises and movement circuits and then we will continue with partnering and group exercises.


The work developed is progressive, and will take care of the body and the joints. Through developing partnering knowledge of impulses and qualities you will work on being available for yourself, the space and for others.




Sylvain considers artistic creation in a holistic way. He took an early interest in music, studying the violin, then in the performing arts with theater and directing. Curious about the body and its language, he joined the Rick Odums Jazz Institute where he had the opportunity to work with Geraldine Armstrong, Iris Florentiny then Rick Odums as part of the Jeune Ballet Jazz. 


In 2020, he worked with Peter Mika within the framework of the company Cobosmika and became co-director of the company Puntos de partida. Numerous workshops complement his experience as a dancer alongside Albert Galindo (Kibbutz company), Herich Milan (Flying Low), Jos Baker and Ezio Schiavulli.


Sylvain artistically intervenes within the Puntos de partida company as a dancer and choreographer and develops within the collective his research work around the movement for creation, teaching and therapeutic care (shiatsu).



This workshop is for movement enthusiasts who wish to deepen their body awareness in order to develop their organicity. Using fascia awareness tools and my knowledge of Chinese medicine, I propose to explore the following objectives:

- Increasing joint range of motion.

- Development of pleasure and muscular sensations.

- Recognition of the links between the joints and their psycho-somatic meaning.

- Improvement of flexibility and fluidity of movement.

- Exploration of new body paths and sensory cues through proprioceptive work.

The program includes individual and group work, improvisation and choreographed phrases to build, deconstruct, learn and open the possibilities of one's own physicality.



Octopulse is a workshop to play with movement exercises focused on coordination and discoordination. improvisation dynamics and circuits of specific movements will be used to put the dancers in a configuration or research. The objective is to articulate a comprehensive training, which invites to study the movement, from the musicality, by stimulating the creative self and expanding the attention.


At the end the dancers will be able to find new ways of movements and sensations brought by the rhythm and coordination work. This specific coordination context will help dancers to find new mobilities and qualities through the skills of multi-attention.

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In 2018 he graduated with a degree in contemporary dance from EPDM in Mexico. In 2015 he created the dance company *Puntos de Partida and in 2020 he is certified as a Biomagnetism Therapist, focusing his professional career in movement research, scenic creation and development of didactics from a holistic and integral vision. From 2015 to 2019 he was a member of Plataforma Colmena, where he co-founded La Carpa Performing Arts Encounter. 

His work as a dancer and choreographer is the result of the integration of his psychophysical and creative abilities with his knowledge in alternative therapies. He approaches the scenic body as a ¨territory of the sensitive and the abstract¨ to generate a space for self-knowledge and the expansion of the imaginary through improvisation. 

He has won several awards in international dance competitions: Movimiento Original Homoescéncio 2016 in Mexico and Concurso de Danza Joven ¨Onadance Festival¨ 2021 in Spain. Currently, he lives in Barcelona, Spain; where he develops professionally through Puntos de Partida and studies Naturopathy at the Instituto Superior de Medicinas Tradicionales ISMET. 



P WORKSHOP combines coordination exercises, body awareness (feldenkrais) and contemporary dance. With the aim of providing creative stimulation tools that invite dancers to investigate movement, locomotion, perception and stimulate the imaginary. 

I am interested in approaching the workshop as a space for the deep study of movement and to recognize the paths, habits, mechanisms and situations that we always use when we do improvisation. How can we recognize these places and start to hack to improve our ¨performance state¨during the improvisation?